IIE 03: Professional Teacher Training under Current Social and Cultural Conditions

Référence: ISBN 9783862888443

Professional Teacher Training under Current Social and Cultural Conditions
Ekaterina Artamonova, Hristo Kyuchukov & Evgenija Savchenko
Moscow State Regional University; Univerity of Silesia; Moscow State Regional University
The monograph reveals the theoretical, methodological and technological approaches to modernization of the Russian higher education, associated with the integration into the European education space. In the monograph the following issues were considered: valuable priorities of the education in the XXI century; quality of the modern education; formation of the spiritual culture of a personality; healthy lifestyle and physical culture of studying youth; role of language in formation of the common education space; formation of the health and safety culture of the personality, etc. The work contains the attempt to compare actual practice of teaching of specific subjects, in particular pedagogics, at a higher education institution, with scientific developments and innovative projects and solutions in the education.
The monograph is intended for use by scientists, teachers of higher education institutions, specialists of management structures in the field of the education, candidates for a doctor’s degree, post-graduates and candidates for a master’s degree.
Ekaterina Artamonova: Value foundations of Modern Professional Education – Competence - ased model of a future teacher formation - Innovative competence of a future teacher
Evgenija Savchenko: Anthropologic and cultural approach to educational activities - methodologic basis of a culture subject training
Vladimir Voronov: Technologies of competences formation at the higher school Tatyana Yuzefavichus: Idea of complementarity of the pedagogical knowledge and its implementation in professional training of future teachers
Petr Khromenkov: Interscientific communication potential in the higher pedagogical education
Viktoria Kuznetsova: Network form of implementation of the Bachelor and the Master educational programs at a Teacher’s training college
Oksana Shirokikh: Formation of national theoretical and methodological bases of professionaland personal training of a teacher in Russia of the pre-October period
Natalia Sukhova: Theoretical bases of teachers training at teacher’s training institutes of Russia (1917 - 1940)
Lina Krivshenko & Lera Yurkina:  Integration of education and science – current problem of the modern educational policy
ISBN 9783862888443. Interculturalism and Intercultural Education 03. 172pp. 2017.
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