LE 105: Language, Literature and Culture in a Multilingual Society. Vol I

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Language, Literature and Culture in a Multilingual Society. Vol I
A Festschrift for Abubakar Rasheed
O.-M. Ndimele, M. Ahmad & H.M. Yakasai (eds.)
University of Port Harcourt; Bayero University; Bayero University 
This book is devoted to celebrate an eminent scholar of Linguistic Stylistics, Professor Abubakar Adamu Rasheed of the Department of English and Literary Studies, Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria, and the current Vice-Chancellor of the University. Being an expert in stylistics, discourse linguistics, systemic functional grammar and media English, Professor Rasheed has been very influential in high level research culminating in the development and preservation of Nigerian languages and the training of young academics. He has continued to provide quality academic and administrative leadership at his home-base university and beyond.
The book contains 77 papers meticulously selected from over 150 papers read at 24th Annual Conference of the Linguistic Association of Nigeria. The majority of the papers address the main theme of the conference, i.e. “Language, Literature and Culture in a Multilingual Society”. There are, however, a number of other papers addressing vital issues in outer circumstances which we deliberately included to cater for other interests beyond the main focus. The main reason for doing this is to enable the reader to have robust knowledge of the current state of research in linguistics, languages and literatures in Nigeria, and to add to the body of existing literature in these fields of learning. The papers here cover Language and Society, Language Teaching and Learning, Language Engineering, Literatures and Cultures, Stylistics and Gender Studies, Formal Linguistics and many more. The book can be read by any linguist of whatever theoretical orientation.
Table of Contents
Section One: Language & Society
Ayo Bamgbose: The Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN) and the Promotion of Language and Linguistics    
Kola Owolabi: Using Africa’s Indigenous Languages as Tools for Sustainable Development: A Pragmatic Approach   
Xahiru Muhammad Argungu: Variations in Transmission of Message of Proverb between Hausa & Swahili Cultures 
Sadiya Sani Daura: The Mass Media as an Agent of Cultural Transmission and Globalization: The Language Perspective                                         
Joseph Abuh: Towards Investigating Perceived Endangerment Status of the Igala Language                                      
Aliyu Mu’azu: Body Language as Social Dialect in Hausa Culture                        
Butari Nahum Upah: A Semantic Study of Obscenity and Verbal Abuses in Jukun        
Abdullahi Ahmad: Honorifics in Igala                                                                                      
Khalid Imam: Semantic Changes: An Annotative Exploration of Select Hausa Political Coinages       
Abdul Kabeer Tihamiyu Otunuyi: A Sociolinguistic Appraisal of Arabic Usage in Teacher Preparation in Nigeria           
Usman Ahmadu Mohammed: Language Issues in Nigeria                
Ndubuisi Ogbonna Ahamefula: Language in National Development: The Nigerian Perspective       
Bartholomew Chidili: Religion: The Cultural Language of Order & Stability in Society   
Section Two: Applied Linguistics
Abdalla Uba Adamu: The City at the Edge of Forever – Archiving and Digitizing Arabic Sources on the History of Kano, Nigeria                                   
Bashir Muhammad Sambo: Errors of Translation of Leaflets of some Pharmaceutical Products Made in Nigeria: English to French                                      
Paul Newman: Study Hausa, Understand Kanakuru                                                
Appolonia Uzoaka Okwudishu: Choosing the Language for Literacy: The Nigerian Experience         
Garba D. Gandu: An Overview of the Procedures & Guidelines for the Development & Approval of Orthographies of Nigerian Languages                                                                                     
Ndubuisi O. Ahamefula & Evelyn Ezinwanne Mbah: NEEDS Analysis of Igbo for Specific Purposes: The Case of Non-Igbo Speaking Youth Corps Members               
Hosea Yakubu, Dorathy K. J Hinjari & Joyce N. Ishaku: The Role of the English Language in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics                                               
Ramlatu Jibir  Daura: Endangered Languages and Strategies for their Preservation in Nigeria                                   
Isma’il Bala: Teaching Poetry at the Secondary School: A Tripartite Approach    
Sani Yantandu Uba: A Corpus-Based Analysis of “Credit” & “Loan” in a Business English Classroom                         
Clifford Irikefe Gbeyonron: Challenges of the Multicultural Nature of Nigerian Universities in Effective Classroom Discourse in General English Lessons     
Odirin Victor Abonyi: Towards a Stable Orthography for Urhobo   
Yakubu Aliyu Gobir: Computerization and Preservation of West African Pre-colonial Manuscripts: A Case Study of Hausa Ajami                                           
Bala Xanyaro Aminu: The Use of Adjuncts in Descriptive & Narrative Essays: A Comparative Analysis of Some Students’ Essays                          
Bashir Ibrahim & Usman Ambu Muhammad: Investigating Students’ Reticence in the Nigerian English Language Classroom                                                                  
Gimba Benjamin: Kambari Orthography                                                                                  
Section Three: Literature, Culture, Stylistics & Gender Studies
Ahmad S. Abdussalam & Abdulganiy A. Abdussalam: Wa’azi in Ilorin: A Manipulation of Religious Discourse      
Aliyu Muhammad Bunza: Laughter in a Multilingual Society              
Nina Pawlak: Symbolic Values of Language in the Context of Globalization       
Ibrahim A. M. Malumfashi: Digging their Graves; Burying their Dead; & Writing their Epitaphs: Feminism, Womanism, & Northern Nigeria’s Women Writers                
Rabi Abdulsalam Ibrahim: Culture, Language & the Meaning of Colour Terms in three Nigerian Languages: A Study of Idiomatic & Metaphorical Usages                                   
Aliya Adamu Ahmad: The Making of Hausa Literature: From 1939-1945        
Asabe Kabir Usman: Tearing the Veil of Invisibility: Balkisu Ahmad & the Feminist Instinct/Thrust in Sa’adatu Sa’ar Mata.                          
Hassana Sani Darma & Aishatu Basiru Muhammad Gwarzo: Culture and Communication Diversity: A Challenge to both Students & Teachers in Inclusive Settings                                              
Farinde Raifu Olanrewaju: Power and Asymmetry in Nigerian Police-Suspect Discourse       
Umar Saje: The African Novel & Female Revolutionary Characters: Mariama Ba’s So Long A Letter and Abubakar Gimba’s Sacred Apples 
Tijjani Shehu Almajir: Idiomatic Lexis of Body Component Expressions in Hausa                 
Salisu Alhaji Sadi: Text & Context Perspective on Religious Discourse                  
Sani Uba Yantandu: Using Corpora in Discourse Analysis: A Case of the Nigerian 2011 General Elections
Vol. I: ISBN 9783862886722. Linguistics Edition 105. 584pp. (Ch. 1-42).  2016.
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