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Référence: ISBN 9783862883851


An Introduction to Classical Armenian

Jean-François R. Mondon
Minot State University

This is an introductory textbook for Classical Armenian consisting of 20 graded chapters, an introduction focusing on the phonetics of the language, a grammatical appendix, and a glossary.

Each of the 20 chapters deals with one specific grammatical topic with explanations using English examples as a point of contrast with the Armenian forms. From chapter 3 on every chapter ends with an unedited excerpt from the Armenian Bible, specifically from the four Gospels. The length of the excerpts naturally gets longer as the learner progresses through the book and all excerpts are well-known stories, such as the story of John the Baptist and the story of the Prodigal Son. The grammatical appendix discusses eight extra grammatical topics which occur rarely enough to be excluded from the main part of the book. Finally a glossary contains all the words from the readings in chapters 3 through 20.

ISBN 9783862883851. LINCOM Student Grammars 04. 236pp. 2012.

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