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LCL 07: An Introduction to the Study of Morphology

Référence: ISBN 9783895865701

 An Introduction to the Study of Morphology

Vit Bubenik
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Grammatical Units. 3. Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Relations. 4. Inflectional and Derivational Morphology. 5. Inflectional Categories Associated with Nominal Elements. 6. Inflectional Categories Associated with Verbal Elements. 7. Morphosyntactic Properties and their Exponents. 8. Morpheme and Allomorph. 9. Derivational Morphology. 10. Theoretical Models of Morphology.

Each chapter (with the exception of the last one) is provided with pertinent exercices. Its data are taken from languages the author has been researching over the last twenty years (Latin, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Russian). Its argumentation is built around the major turning points in the history of morphology linked with scholars such as Hockett (1954), Matthews (1974), Bybee (1985), Dressler (1985), Bauer (1988), Spencer (1991), Carstairs-McCarthy (1992) and Aronoff (1993). In the last chapter the author explicates a cognitively conceived subdiscipline of Morphology in its relation to Formal Syntax, Generative Phonology, Functional Grammar, so-called Natural Morphology, Universal Grammar, and Typology.

ISBN 9783895865701 . LINCOM Coursebooks in Linguistics 07. 210pp. 1999.

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