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LBR 04: Modern Arabic Short Stories: An Arabic-English Reader

Référence: ISBN 9783962060169

Modern Arabic Short Stories:
An Arabic-English Reader - with exercises
Ali Almanna (ed.)
Al-Zahara College for Women
Modern Arabic Short Stories: An Arabic-English Reader features a number of short stories written by prominent writers from various countries. Zakariyya Tamir (Syria), Ibrahim Darghuthy (Tunisia), Yousef Idrees (Egypt), Ahmed Al-Faqih (Libya), Ghasan Kanafani(Palestine), Zaid M. Damaj (Yemen), Layla Al-Uthman (Kuwait), Abdulhamid Al-Gharbawi (Morocco), Hasan Dabal (Saudi Arabia), and Jamal Al-Khayyat (Bahrain) are well-known in the Arab World as well as in the West. Some of their works have been translated into many languages.
The potential readership for this bilingual volume is varied. However, the primary target readers are students of Arabic-English translation. The accompanying English translation of the stories makes the volume accessible to all those interested in contemporary Arabic literature, but who are not able to read the stories in the original.
Mindful of these four groups, I have tried to strike a balance between ‘acceptability’, i.e. how to meet the readers' expectations, and ‘accuracy’, i.e. how to reflect the author's message accurately without addition, omission, etc. To do so, I have adopted a translation that stands between a reader-oriented translation and text/author-oriented translation. In other words, an attempt was made to provide the reader with an idiomatic translation, but very close to the source text. 
Each chapter closes with a wide-ranging selection of exercises to help the users not to improve their  vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, structures only, but to help them to be able to produce more than one translation for the same text, thus instilling self-confidence inside them. 
ISBN 9783962060169. LINCOM Bilingual Readers 04. 192pp. 2018.

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