LinGram 225: The Elements of Gaelic Grammar

Référence: ISBN 9783969391778

The Elements of Gaelic Grammar
Based on the work of the Rev. Alexander Stewart, D.D.
H. Cameron Gillies, M.D.
The purpose of this Grammar is to afford assistance to such as may desire a living and intelligent acquaintance with the Gaelic language of  Scotland.  With  this object in view, it was at first my settled intention to make little or no reference to the older language, but I soon found this to be impossible. An intelligent understanding of the Gaelic of the present day cannot be attained without some reference to the older language from which the later grammatical forms had origin.
A special regard also has been endeavoured to the phonetic basis of the language. The division of Nouns into three Declensions is different from all previous classifications. The arangement of the tenses of the verb is so far new (adapted from the preface of the 2nd edition. Re-edition, originally published 1902 in London).
Contents:  Part I:  Pronunciation and orthography (alphabet, the sounds of the vowels, the power of the consonants). Aspiration of the initial consonant, eclipsis and vowel correspondence. Part II: Parts of speech (article, nouns, adjective, numerals,  pronouns, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections). Part III: Derivation and composition. Part IV: Syntax.
ISBN 9783969391778. LINCOM Gramatica 225. 206pp. 2023.
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