LE 136: An English-Arabic Glossary of Ecocritical Terminology

Référence: ISBN 9783969391426

An English-Arabic Glossary of Ecocritical Terminology
Mohamed Kamel Abdel-Daem
Revised by Sanad Motlaq Al-Sobaie   
Ecocriticism is the scrutiny of literary output and ecology on a cultural level of interdisciplinarity hence the various scientific fields harmoniously integrate to study ecology and suggest potential views in order to combat the current ecological challenge.
This work purports to provide the Arabic-speaking reader with an English-Arabic glossary of the main terminology of ecocriticism as well as a big number of terms that belong to a variety of fields of cognition: science, sociology, psychology, ecology, politics, philosophy, etc. Giving these numerous scientific terms along with the ecocritical ones emphasizes and illustrates the interdisciplinary nature of ecocriticism: one day the ecocritic might work collaboratively with the politician, the scientist, the philosopher, the linguist, etc. Finally, the terms ‘environment’ and ‘ecology’, their inflections, and their Arabic equivalents, are often used synonymously in this English-Arabic dictionary.
ISBN 9783969391426. Linguistics Edition 136. 122pp. 2023.
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