LE 134: Developing Writing Skills through the Process-Genre Approach

Référence: ISBN 9783969391228

Developing Writing Skills through the Process-Genre Approach 
Bonala Kondal
SR University, Warangal
The objectives of the book are to find out the tertiary level learners’ entry-level behavior in terms of business writing skills, to explore if the process-genre approach to writing could significantly influence the quality of the students’ business writing, to ascertain the effect of the process-genre approach to writing in developing writing skill of MBA students, and  to obtain students’ feedback and opinion on their experiences in using the process genre approach to teaching business writing skills. The sample included 40 MBA students.  The age group ranged between 21 to 24 years and they had diverse mother tongue background.  The diverse research tools are used to collect the data. The study was carried out in 3 phases.  They were: pre-intervention phase, intervention programme and post-intervention phase.  In addition, the researcher also administered questionnaires to 32 teachers of English to gather data about their teaching experiences regarding teaching of writing. 
At the end, the pre-test was conducted among MBA students in order to quantify their entry-level behavior in terms of writing business reports and proposals. During the intervention stage, the researcher taught business writing through the process-genre approach. The study adopted mixed method approach for analyzing the data obtained. Later the pre-test and post-tests scores of the subjects were compared to obtain the rate of their improvement in different aspects of business writing. Based on the post-test results, it was discovered that the process-genre approach to the teaching of writing had a significant effect on the learners’ written performance. The post-test scores of the students were significantly higher than that of their pre-test scores.  The findings established that the process genre approach to L2 writing helped the management learners to enhance their writing skills.  It is recommended that English teachers should adopt this approach to help students improve their writing skills. 
ISBN 9783969391228. Linguistics Edition 134. 266pp. 2022.
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