LSTr 12: Information structure and translation

Référence: ISBN 9783969391150

Information structure and translation
Lalandar Ziyadova
Azerbaijan University of Languages
Despite the numerous studies in the field of the relationship between information structure and translation there are still potentially perspective areas for research. One of these areas is the study of the role of the translator, who has a broad range of linguistic and extra-linguistic instruments to deliver information structure from the source text to the target text. Thus, the book is a new attempt to look at these issues from a new perspective, which can be identified as a functional-cognitive approach. The aim is to provide a tool by offering theoretical and hands-on practical experience of the study of information structure and translation focusing on the media texts.
The book explores certain ways in which the translator reconstructs the information structure of the source media texts in English in the target texts in the Azerbaijani language. The reason why the author has decided to focus on the media translation from English into the Azerbaijani language is also the desire to demonstrate how the typologically different (English and Azerbaijani) grammars can be used to reconstruct information structure during production of the translative discourse.
Dr. Lalandar Ziyadova is a senior lecturer of the Department of English Grammar at Azerbaijan University of Languages. Her research interests deal with functional grammar and text linguistics. She is the author of books and scholarly articles.    

ISBN 9783969391150. LINCOM Studies in Translation 12. 106pp. 2022.

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