LSRoL 01: Romani Lexicography in the Nineteenth Century

Référence: ISBN 9783969391143

Romani Lexicography in the Nineteenth Century 
Volume 1: Vasile Pogor. Lexicon Româno–Ţigănesc/ Romanian–Gypsy Dictionary
Julieta Rotaru, Aurore Tirard & Viktor Shapoval
INALCO, INALCO, Moscow City University
This is the first volume of monographs about the beginning of the Romani lexicography in Romania. It consists of the critical edition of the Romanian-Romani curiosity driven dictionary written in the 1870s by Vasile Pogor (1833-1906), a descendent of an old aristocratic family from Moldavia. The volume includes a valuable grammatical description of the linguistic material, biographical sketches of the author and an extensive bibliography of his works. All entries of the Romanian-Romani dictionary have been translated into English. Two reverse dictionaries were added as dictionaries of the critically examined and accepted entries from the Romanian-Romani-English edition, but in other two directions: Romani-English and English-Romani. The authors of the volume have chosen to reject many of the conspicuous entries copied by the Moldavian author from other sources, and to maintain some doubtful entries, indicating them with a question mark. In the reverse dictionaries the phonetic Romani-Romanian alphabet used by V. Pogor was interpreted and transliterated to a currently accepted Romani alphabet.
ISBN 9783969391143 (Hardbound).  Lincom Studies in Romani Linguistics 01. 168pp. 2022.
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