LSEL 25: World Englishes and Creole Languages Today

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World Englishes and Creole Languages Today
Vol. II: The Bobdian Thinking and Beyond
Aloysius Ngefac, Hans-Georg Wolf & Thomas Hoffmann (eds.)
University of Yaounde I, University of Potsdam, KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt | Hunan Normal University
This book demonstrates, in the context of the Bobdian thinking and beyond, that world Englishes and creole languages today display interesting sociolinguistic, typological and pedagogic trends and tendencies. These trends and tendencies have been investigated and reported by Rajend Mesthrie & Yolandi Ribbens-Klein, Thorsten Brato, Hans-Georg Wolf & Arne Peters, Leslie Barratt, Akinmade Timothy Akande, Christian Mair & Bridget Fonkeu, John Victor Singler, Maria Mazzoli, Ogechi Florence Agbo & Ingo Plag, Ian Hancock, Aloysius Ngefac, Blasius Achiri-Taboh and Jemima Akosua Anderson. The book is unique and differs from previous works in many ways. First and foremost, it is one of the rare works that overtly bring world Englishes and creole languages together in the same volume, providing an opportunity for current trends to be investigated in the context of the groundbreaking work that Augustin Simo Bobda has already carried out in these two subfields of linguistics. Second, some paradigms in world Englishes and creole languages have been tested in different parts of the world with reference to current data and the results are reported in this book. Third, the book serves as a forum for reflections beyond the Bobdian thinking.
Table of Contents:
Aloysius Ngefac, Hans-Georg Wolf & Thomas Hoffmann
Editors’ preface
Aloysius Ngefac, Hans-Georg Wolf & Thomas Hoffmann
Laudatio for Augustin Simo Bobda
Aloysius Ngefac, Hans-Georg Wolf & Thomas Hoffmann
World Englishes and creole languages today: Introduction
Part One: World Englishes and the Bobdian Thinking
Rajend Mesthrie & Yolandi Ribbens-Klein
Investigating possible changes to the TRAP vowel in Black South African English:
A (post)Bobdian analysis
Thorsten Brato
Studying vowels in African Englishes – Past, present, and future
Hans-Georg Wolf & Arne Peters
African witchcraft revisited:
New cognitive-sociolinguistic findings from a comparative perspective
Leslie Barrat
Strategies for infusing World Englishes throughout education
Akinmade Timothy
I am loving you: The use of stative verbs in the progressive form in some African Englishes
Part Two: Creole Languages and the Bobdian Thinking
Christian Mair & Bridget Fonokeu
See me see wahala? West African Pidgin in the German diaspora
John Victor Singler
Number marking in Liberian Kolokwa
Maria Mazzoli
Tone in Naija: An elicitation experiment on the prosodic realization of copular and
imperfective /de/ and its consequence for spelling
Ogechi Florence Agbo & Ingo Plag
Code-switching patterns of educated English–Nigerian Pidgin bilinguals in Nigeria
Ian Hancock
Nar oosie Creeo’ commot? Na usai Krio kohmoht? Na usay Krio kɔmɔt?
Aloysius Ngefac
Cameroon Creole English as a bridge between the past and the present:
Lessons for the sustainable development of Cameroon
Part Three: Beyond the Bobdian Thinking
Blasius Achiri-Taboh
Question tags seek pragmatic benefits, isn’t it?:
On the formal properties of question tags and how they function in World Englishes
Jemima Akosua Anderson
The pragmatics of excuse me to say in Ghanaian English
ISBN 978 3 96939 092 4 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in English Linguistics 25. 270pp. 2022.
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