LCS 21: Gombe Court Songs

Référence: ISBN 9783969390535

Gombe Court Songs
Selected Songs of Ango Mai Turu, Muhammadu Dandabu and Muhammadu Mailili
Abubakar Mohammed Gombe
University of Maiduguri
The songs presented in this book are transcribed and translated from the existing recorded songs of the selected court singers of Gombe Emirate. The songs target at retaining the socio-political and economic relevance of the emirate which are affected by colonial and post colonial era. Gombe Emirate of northern Nigeria was established on Islamic principles in 1825 but was captured in 1903 by the colonial administration of the Bauchi province of northern Nigeria. The songs are of different length, content and tune. They are performed in accompany of drum by a group of singers with the lead and chorus. Pictures at the end of the book show the kind of drum used and the singers’ mode of dressing which conform to the royal style of dressing. Each of the three selected singers is briefly introduced i.e his background is given. The custodians were also presented in picture as well as the domain of performance. The book presents thirty Hausa songs with translation in to English which is the official as well as the language of instruction in Nigerian schools with the aim of reaching wider audience.
ISBN 9783969390535. LINCOM Cultural Studies 21.   114pp. 2021.
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