LWM 118: Inor

Référence: ISBN 9783895869778


Berhanu Chamora & Robert Hetzron

Inor is a Gurage dialect (South-Ethiopian Semitic) spoken in South Central Ethiopia by about 156, 000 speakers. It is one of the most complex and least understood Ethiopian Semitic languages.

This monograph provides a sketch of the phonology, morphology, morphosemantics and syntax of Inor. It presents a synchronic description of its consonantal alternations, as observed in verbs, and establish its phonemic system. We show that Inor verbs select one of two basic patterns: short and long. This division applies to both sound (or transparent) verbs, such as scpcr 'break' and girctcß 'cut into two', and weak (or opaque) verbs, such as a§cr 'make a fence' and birc¥c 'run off suddenly'. A brief description of the morphosemantics of verb derivations is also put forth. An overview of the complex suffixal system is also provided. Finally, most basic syntactic structures are discussed, as are issues such as tenses and negation.

The monograph contains data and analyses which will be of interest to specialists in general linguistics, as well as to students of Ethiopian, Semitic and African languages.

ISBN 9783895869778. Languages of the World/Materials 118. 70 pp. 2000.

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