LW 23: Toward a Typology of Causative Constructions

Référence: ISBN 9783895869105

Toward a Typology of Causative Constructions

Jae Jung Song

This study provides cross-linguistc data to substantiate the typology of causative contructions on the basis of which a diachronic model of causative affixes has been proposed in Song [Lingua 82:151-200(1990)].

Three types of causative contructions are identified and exemplified: the compact type, the AND type and the PURP type. The study closes with a diachronic question whether the semantic neutralization of the purpose markers occurs initially in causatives.

[reprinted from Languages of the World n°5/1992].

ISBN9783895869105. Languages of the World 23. 44pp. 2001.

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