LHL 08: A Dictionary of Phonetics

Référence: ISBN 9783895866319

A Dictionary of Phonetics
Articulatory, Acoustic, Auditory
English - Arabic

Solomon I. Sara, S.J.
Georgetown University

The aim of this dictionary is to provide the Arabic students and scholars a comprehensive set of English technical vocabulary that is currently used in phonetics with the corresponding set in Arabic.

Phonetics is a vast field of study with branches reaching out into many speech and language sciences. Thus, a dictionary of phonetics can not be limited only to the field of linguistics. It must include articulatory phonetics and technical terms from the anatomy, physiology, and neurology of speech; acoustic phonetics and the technical terms from speech encoding and transmission processes; and auditory phonetics and technical terms from speech reception, decoding, and perception. In addition, a dictionary of phonetics must include all other relevant terms occurring in the neighboring sub-fields of linguistics that touch upon phonetics, in particular instrumental phonetics and phonology. The proposed dictionary is such a dictionary of phonetics.

Even though this dictionary accounts for all of the phonetic terminology in use in the study and teaching of phonetics, it is arranged alphabetically rather than by the many sub-disciplines of phonetics. This alphabetical arrangement makes the dictionary accessible not only to the beginner but to the specialist as well. Furthermore, the cross classificatory arrangement of its entries makes it more user friendly.

ISBN 9783895866319. LINCOM Handbooks in Linguistics 08. 373pp. 1999.
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