LHL 22: Handbook of Descriptive Language Knowledge

Référence: ISBN 9783895863837

Handbook of Descriptive Language Knowledge

A Full-Scale Reference Guide for Typologists

Harald Hammarström
Chalmers University of Technology

This work is a balanced list of references to grammars aimed for typologists. It lists the most extensive grammatical description for the best documented language of each genetic subfamily. If there are several descriptions/languages of more or less the same depth and scope, only one or two of them are explicitly listed, the rest being traceable via references. Previously there has been an oft-noted lack of such a list that is unbiased, comprehensive and up-to-date.

All known reported languages, whether living or dead, are accounted for by pointers to publications with information on the language. The listing is headed with clear definitions on what is included, information on related language listings, statistics on the documentation of languages, and some information on the issues of language description in general.

ISBN 9783895863837. LINCOM Handbooks in Linguistics 22. 312pp. 2007.

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