LSComL 01: Advanced Programming in PROLOG for Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence

Référence: ISBN 9783895863592

Advanced Programming in PROLOG for Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence

Rodrigue Sabin Mompelat
Digital Preservation Dept., Copenhagen University Library

Prolog is a programming language particularly suitable for developing programs in research areas such as corpus linguistics, machine translation, concordance compilation, testing of grammars and many other areas where statistical counts and analyses are required. We will restrict our linguistic and computational techniques to the elaboration of frequency lists and indexes on the basis of the English and Danish languages.

Prolog is also suitable for solving problems concerned with the computerized implementation of intelligent human behaviour such as presentation of knowledge, teaching, learning, association, planning, explaining, acquisition of language etc. We will examine powerful computational tools, the automata, which can analyse, recognize and generate languages, and whose representation by network can apply to many contexts.

Moreover, Prolog has intrinsic qualities that make its success. It enables to construct databases and their corresponding management system. For that matter, we will develop not only different kinds of procedures of manipulation of information in the databases, but also a module-based database management system which will have to be reliable, robust and user-friendly.

Our approach of Prolog endeavours to make the user capable of using and building systems such as natural language interfaces, terminology and dictionary database or text-processing programs of great machine-readable text corpora.

ISBN 9783895863592 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Computational Linguistics 01. 246pp. 2007.

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