LSTL 30: Future Challenges for Natural Linguistics

Référence: ISBN 9783895863080

Future Challenges for Natural Linguistics

Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kolaczyk & Jaroslaw Weckwerth (eds.)
Adam Mickiewicz University

The purpose of this volume is to stir discussion and stimulate comments which may eventually result in Natural Linguistics re-asserting itself more widely in the present-day arena of linguistic frameworks. A global future challenge for Natural Linguistics is to demonstrate its epistemological potential to new audiences in a convincing and informative manner. It is hoped that this volume may serve two functions: to unite natural linguists in their research and to encourage others to become involved in a Natural Linguistic framework.

Among the thirteen papers constituting the volume, the reader will find contributions to phonology, phonetics, morphology, and text, as well as reference to such areas of external evidence as first language acquisition, language change, phonostylistics, dialectal variation, psycholinguistics, speech pathology and evolution. Considered issues include: functional explanation and dysfunctions, markedness and complexity, phonological categoriality and phonetic gradience, semiotic underpinnings of linguistic explanations, the uses and meanings of naturalness, morphological productivity, typological vs. language-specific nature of morphological priming, criteria for nativization of loanwords, and development of compositionality in the phylogenesis of language.

ISBN 9783895863080. LINCOM Studies in Theoretical Linguistics 30. 280pp. 2002.

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