LINClas 08: Handbook to the Grammar of the Greek Testament

Référence: ISBN 9783862900633

Handbook to the Grammar of the Greek Testament

Together with Complete Vocabulary and an Examination of teh Chief New Testament Synonyms

Samuel G. Green

The following work addresses learners who want to read the New Testament in its oringinal tongue. Undoubtedly, the Greek of the New Testament, as a later dialect of an elaborate and polished language, can most effectively be studied through the medium of the elder forms of the tongue. This method, accordingly, is in general chosen, and the historians and orators, the philosophers and poets of Greece, have led the way to the Evangelists and the Apostles (from the preface).

Contents: Orthography, etymology (root and stem; gender, number, and case; declension; verb and conjugations; formation of words, foreign words in the New Testament; syntax). (Re-edition; originally published 1912 in London; written in English)

ISBN 978 3 86290 063 3. LINCOM Classica 08. 606pp. 2011.

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