LINGram 19: A Short Grammar of the Shilluk Language

Référence: ISBN 9783862900237

A Short Grammar of the Shilluk Language
Diedrich Westermann

The Shilluk country is situated in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan; it extends along the west bank of the White Nile from Kaka in the north to Lake No in the South. The present grammar is intended as a practical guide to the Shilluk language. The main difficulties in acquiring a knowledge of the language are pronunciation and intonation. The orthography adopted is a compromise between the one already in use among the missionaries, and the phonetic writing (adopted from the preface).

The short grammar of Shilluk contains chapters on the sounds, the noun, pronoun, verb, a list of verbs in their different forms, short sentences, two texts with interlinear translation and a short dictionary. (Re-edition; originally published 1910 in Philadelphia by the Board of Foreign .Missions of the United Presbyterian Church of N.A., written in English)

ISBN 978 3 86290 023 7. LINCOM Gramatica 19. 84pp. 2017.
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