LINGram 39: The Nuer Language

Référence: ISBN 9783862900138

The Nuer Language

Diedrich Westermann

The Nuer who have received their name from their neighbours, the Dinkas, Shilluks and Arabs, live in several separate sections in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, and partly in Western Abyssinia. The Nuers belong to the Nilotic group. The materials for this work were collected during a stay in Khartoum and on Doleib Hill, a mission station. The study contains sections on sounds, parts of speech, short sentences, and a vocabulary (Re-edition; originally published 1912 in Berlin: MSOS XV, III Abt.: 84-150, written in English).

ISBN 978 3 86290 013 8. LINCOM Gramatica 39. 61pp. 2011.

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