LINTC 06: Georgian Myths and Folktales

Référence: ISBN 9783862889921

Georgian Myths and Folktales
Shorena Kurtsikidze (tr.)
University of California, Berkeley
Introduction by Shorena Kurtsikidze and Vakhang Chikovani
This publication intends to show the distinct character of Georgian folk narratives that are as diverse as the country’s geography itself.  It offers the translation of the selected myths and folktales, many of which represent the Georgian regional dialect versions and linguistically complicated texts, some of which quite differ from the present-day standard Georgian. Every attempt has been made to preserve the original essence of the texts and the cultural context.
The publication includes original translations of forty Georgian folk tales and fifteen myths. The latter are stories representing mythologized chronicles of “holy wars” of old times, once carried out on the border of Europe and Asia by the ancestors of the Georgian highlanders. These mythological narratives may be considered as unparalleled examples of mythologizing real events that have taken place in the past, as well as incomparable representations of demonizing the opponent image. The introduction, notes and glossary of the publication help the reader to better understand the cultural and historical contexts of the traditional Georgian folk narratives.
ISBN 9783862889921. LINCOM Text Collections 06. 330pp. 2019.
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