LSCHL 10: A Dictionary of Slang among Chinese Youth (e-book)

Référence: ISBN 9783862889778

A Dictionary of Slang among Chinese Youth
Yuntong Liu
International School of Tongji University
With the development of information technology, young people find more and more opportunities to express themselves in this world. For them language is not only a means to express themselves, but also a means to redefine the language and world around them. Tens of thousands of new words have been created by the present-day Chinese youth and have been circulating among themselves. This dictionary provides a lexical inventory of items used by the present-day Chinese young people. It describes some 1,000 items in a clear and simple way.
This dictionary is not a dictionary in the usual sense. It tries to give a brief explanation to slang words or phrases that young people frequently use. We try to explain in plain English, taking both native English speakers and ESL (English as Second Language) speakers as our readers.
This dictionary targets foreign students, journalists, and others interested in China and Chinese language and culture. To understand Chinese, it is better to understand its young people first. They are most active and courageous group within China and vividly present the changing thoughts and emotions in present China.
LINCOM Studies in Chinese Linguistics 10. 121pp. 2016.
ISBN 9783862889778 (e-book, pdf)
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