Roma 06: Life with Music and Pictures

Référence: ISBN 9783862889105

Life with Music and Pictures:
Eva Davidová’s Contribution to Roma Musicology and Ethnography
Hristo Kyuchukov,Jaroslav Balvin,& Lukasz Kwadrans (eds.)
University of Silesia; Tomaš Bati University; University of Silesia
Volume 6 of the Roma series is dedicated to the memory of Eva Davidova and her contribution to Romani Musicology and Ethnography. It presents a collection of articles of colleagues and friends of Eva Davidova who have cooperated and worked with her for approximately 50 years. The book contains articles with personal stories and scientific articles on Romani history, culture and education. The book also contains photographs of Roma children and families taken by Eva Davidova in 1950-s, 1960-s and 1970-s in former Czechoslovakia. The collection is useful for musicologist, ethnologist and everyone who is interested in Romani Studies.
Hristo Kyuchukov
Preface: life with music and pictures                                                                       
Hristo Kyuchukov
Who is Eva Davidová                                                                                                    
Jitka Vacková
Eva Davidová                                                                                                             
Adam Bartosz
Our Evička                                                                                                                             
Stanislav Matulay
Eva Davidova – Czechoslovak Romologist                                                                 
Will Guy
Eva Davidova: Amari phen Evička (Our sister Eva)                                                  
Ian Hancock
Points of departure:
Routes of the ancestors out of India                                                                             
Elena Marushiakova & Vesselin Popov
Migration, re-emigration and identities’ change:
The case of one Roma group from USSR                                                                    
Thomas Acton
The emergence of the Roma bourgeiosie and its response to challenges        
Jana Horváthová
Jewellery of the Roma/Amare somnaka                                                                      
Łukasz Kwadrans
Romanies/Gypsies in the communist Czechoslovakia
in Eva Davidova’s  and other’s publications                                                             
Milan Samko
The Romani-Slovak bilingual child: a case study                                                      
William New et al.
Face-to-face with the unthinkable:
Intercultural/genocide education concerning the Roma                                            
Jaroslav Balvin
The phenomenon Eva Davidová – specialist and a human being                  
Photographs of Roma children by  Eva Davidová   
ISBN 9783862889105. Roma 06. 176pp. 2019.
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