LSIEL 50: Advances in Hindi Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics

Référence: ISBN 9783862889020

Advances in Hindi Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics
Ghanshyam Sharma (ed.)

This edited volume  Advances in Hindi Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics  brings together some carefully carried out experimental studies which diverge to explore new possibilities in the field of Hindi language teaching and applied Hindi linguistics. The 16 peer-reviewed research papers that make up this book come from a range of empirical perspectives and are arranged into two parts. The first part of the book contains 9 pieces which provide a snapshot of current research on the teaching of Hindi as second or foreign language. As a result, the book consists of papers written by both SLA researchers and experienced teachers of Hindi as a foreign language who with their first-hand knowledge assess the effectiveness of various teaching methods used in the classrooms. The second part consists of 7 articles which deal with Hindi grammar, bilingualism and code-mixing in Hindi as well as usages of Hindi in Indian politics. Through their in-depth analysis of empirical data from Hindi syntax, Theban and Popârlan claim that the Hindi language exhibits some unique syntactic typological characteristics which no other language does which every linguist interested in typological studies should become aware of. In addition, the volume includes also a detailed account of the phonology of Kanauji, one of major dialects of Hindi. Together these papers provide a rich and comprehensive account of the vitality of current research on Hindi.


Part 1: Hindi Language Teaching
Rajiv Ranjan
Challenges in Writing and Dynamic Corrective Feedback for Hindi Learners
Madri Kakoti
Examining acoustic space of vowels as a corresponding value to language proficiency level: A case study of the heritage learner of Hindi
Peter Friedlander
Teaching Hindi with comics  
Vijay K. Kaul, Asiya Zahoor
An alternative approach for teaching Hindi structures to foreign learner groups
Nidhi Mahajan
Learning Hindi through popular songs
Premlata Vaishnava
Storytelling: Teaching language through literature and culture
Mohammad J. Warsi
Toward a more effective pedagogy: Film as a pedagogical tool for teaching South Asian languages
Nora Melnikova
Hindi textbooks and Communicative Language Teaching in Central Europe
Pranjali Sirasao
Indian Folk Art in Hindi Language Teaching
Part 2: Applied Hindi Linguistics
Laurenţiu Theban, Sabina Popârlan
Description and Theoretical Utilization of Hindi Grammar in Romanian Linguistic Indology
Pankaj Dwivedi, Somdev Kar
Phonology of Kanauji
Satenik Mkhitaryan
Automatic identification of Hindi complex predicates for computer-aided reading tool
Sunil Kumar Bhatt
Bilingual situations in India: Power relations between languages analyzed through code-switching
Juhi Yasmeen, Shabana Hameed
Hindi and bilingualism: impacts of code-mixing in Hindi advertisements
Marijana Janjić
Hindi in the Lok Sabha: English parts, Hindi products
Anton Zykov
Modification of the Rajbhasha: simple vs pure Hindi and Narendra Modi’s Language
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ISBN 9783862889020 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Indo-European Linguistics 50. 340pp. 2018.
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