LSRL 73: Studies in phonetics, phonology and sound change in Romance (e-book)

Référence: ISBN 9783862887828

Studies in phonetics, phonology and sound change in Romance

Fernando Sánchez Miret & Daniel Recasens (eds.)
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; Universidad de Salamanca

This book gathers some contributions from phoneticians and phonologists working on sound change. The final goal of these contributions is to achieve a better knowledge of the causes and mechanisms of sound change through the articulatory and acoustic analysis of phonetic data and their perceptual evaluation. The papers published in this volume deal with several well-known sound changes in the field of Romance linguistics: vowel diphthongization in Italian dialects and Romanian, vowel harmony in Valencian Catalan, the origin of uvular [ʀ] in French, vowel and consonant epenthesis in the sequence /sr/ in Italian, liquid consonant dissimilation in Latin, raddoppiamento sintattico in Italian, and glide insertion and elision in the Romance languages.

Giovanni Abete
Aspetti prosodici della dittongazione spontanea in alcuni dialetti italo-romanzi  [1]

Maria Grazia Busà
Aspects of consonant cluster mutations: the case of /sr/ sequences in Italian [2]

Ricard Herrero & Jesús Jiménez
De la coarticulación a la armonía vocálica en valenciano [3]

Yves Charles Morin
From apical [r] to uvular [ʀ]: what the apico-dorsal r in Montreal French reveals about abrupt sound changes [4]

Daniela Müller
Liquid dissimilation with a special regard to Latin  [5]

Daniel Recasens
The role of coarticulation and production constraints on glide insertion and elision in the Romance languages  [6]

Antonio Romano
Osservazione e valutazione di traiettorie vocaliche su diagrammi formantici per descrivere il polimorfismo e la dittongazione nei dialetti pugliesi [7]

Michela Russo
Il Raddoppiamento Sintattico dell’italiano. Tratti prosodici e struttura fonologica [8]

Fernando Sánchez Miret
Aspectos fonéticos de la diptongación del rumano [9]

LINCOM Studies in Romance Linguistics 73. 230pp. 2013.
ISBN 9783862884452 (Hardbound).

ISBN 9783862887828 (e-book, pdf).

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