IIE 02: Education of Children and Youth in Culturally Diverse Environments (e-book)

Référence: ISBN 9783862887712

Education of Children  and Youth in Culturally Diverse Environments
Experience – Problems – Prospects
Ewa Ogrodzka-Mazur, Barbara Grabowska,  Anna Szafrańska-Gajdzica, Łukasz Kwadrans
The second volume of the Interculturalism and Intercultural Education series presents  findings from the European research project IRNet.
The first chapter School in borderlands – a laboratory for acquiring intercultural competences or/and stereotypes?, Anna Szafrańska-Gajdzica draws special attention to the issues of school in multicultural space and to educational undertakings of teachers in culturally diversified environments.
In the second chapter The specificity of educating young learners in the culturally diversified environment Ewa Ogrodzka-Mazur shows the complex issue of early school intercultural education. The author focuses on the cultural and cognitive categories which today can be included into the stream of reflection on shaping the identity of early school pedagogy and on the new quality of integrated education in lower classes of primary school.
Barbara Grabowska, author of the third chapter School education for national minorities in Poland and selected neighboring countries, has undertaken the issues concerning the functioning of school education for minorities in Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine in the context of the socio-political transformations occurring in these countries and in the whole Europe in the recent decades.
The last chapter A culturally different learner or a learner with special educational needs? by Łukasz Kwadrans, presents the most important experiences, problems, and perspectives of educational activity with culturally different children and their families, both at school and outside it.
Interculturalism and Intercultural Education 02. H. Kyuchukov (series editor). 184pp. 2016.
ISBN 9783862887712 (e-book, pdf).
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