LSGL 30: German-English Dictionary of Nominal Derivations

Référence: ISBN 9783862886173

German-English Dictionary of Nominal Derivations

Robert K. Bloomer
SUNY Stony Brook

This book assembles the German nominal derivations formed with indigenous and old borrowed suffixes, and it translates them into English to become a unique bilingual work that represents an advancement beyond the genre of German reverse dictionaries from which it proceeds. It is intended not only for morphologists interested in matters of word-formation from a lexicographical perspective, but more generally for anyone with a desire to know the meanings in English of particular German words (e.g. Künstler); of series of words with certain suffixes (e.g. Dörfler, Künstler, Tischler); or especially of sub-series of words within the same series (e.g. Bühnenkünstler, Hungerkünstler, Zauberkünstler, etc.), many of which appear as open or closed fields of semantically related words from across the lexicon.

The suffixes are given with their etymologies along with their historically related forms in English, if they exist. Then follow snapshots of their general meanings (person, place, thing, characteristic, collective, etc.) and, in a small number of cases, notes on other features of the suffixes, words, or translations. The words belonging to each suffix are arranged forward alphabetically in columns and juxtaposed with their translations, which also makes it easy to observe the formal means - suffixal or otherwise - with which German derivations are rendered into English.

ISBN 9783862886173 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Germanic Linguistics 30. 395pp. 2015.

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