LSGL 19: The History of English Loanwords in Korean

Référence: ISBN 9783862885763

The History of English Loanwords in Korean

Jieun Kiaer
University of Oxford

This book examines the history of Anglo-Korean words within a China-Japan-Korean context from Korea's late 19th century opening to the West. It is important to approach this issue in relation to Japan and China because as sino-spheral countries, they each had to meet the challenges of a rush towards modernisation at a similar time. This book also discusses the actual process and semantic field of Anglo-Korean words and their social impact.

Anglo-Korean words have been used in the past out of a pragmatic necessity to fill the lexical gap, but in contemporary Korean, most of these are fully nativised and used as native words. At the opening period, Koreans were mainly the recipient of English words, yet now they are becoming active participants in English word making.

This work could be of interest and timely to anyone who is interested in East Asian languages and history as well as those who are interested in the continuing development of the English language.

ISBN 9783862885763. LINCOM Studies in English Linguistics 19. 141pp. 2014.

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