LINGram 187: A Simplified Grammar of the Ottoman-Turkish Language

Référence: ISBN 9783862885749

J.W. Redhouse

The Ottoman Language is the most highly polished branch of the great Turkish tongue, which is spoken, with dialectic variations, across the whole breadth, nearly, of the middle region of the continent of Asia, impinging into Europe, even, in the Ottoman provinces, and also, in Southern Russia, up to the frontiers of the old kingdom of Poland.

The Ottoman language is, in its grammar and vocabulary, fundamentally Turkish. It has, however, adopted, and continues more and more to adopt, as required, a vast number of Arabic, Persian, and foreign words (Greek, Armenian, Slavonic, Hungarian, Italian, French, English, &c.), together with the use of a few of the grammatical rules of the Arabic and Persian, which are given as Turkish rules in the following pages, their origin being in each case specified (re-edition; originally published 1884 in London).

ISBN 9783862885749. LINCOM Grammatica 187. 216pp. 2014.

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