ISNM 03: Mind in Mathematics: Essays on Mathematical Cognition and Mathematical Method

Référence: ISBN 9783862885350

Mind in Mathematics:

Essays on Mathematical Cognition and Mathematical Method


Mariana Bockarova (Harvard University )

Marcel Danesi (University of Toronto)

Dragana Martinovic (University of Windsor)

Rafael Núñez (University of California, San Diego) (eds.)


This volume brings together key essays by mathematicians, cognitive scientists, neuroscientists, semioticians, and educators on the nature of mathematical thought and how it unfolds in relation to language and other codes. Topics such as the role of analogy and metaphor, as well as inferential (abductive) thinking, are examined through several interdisciplinary lenses. The goal of this volume is to establish a “hermeneutic” field of study in mathematical cognition that aims to understand how mathematics dovetails with other human faculties.





Mariana Bockarova, Marcel Danesi, Dragana Martinovic, Rafael Núnez

Mind in Mathematics: Studying Mathematical Cognition and Method with Interdisciplinary Tools


Brent Davis

Where Mathematics Curriculum Comes From


Louis Kauffman

Knot Logic: Logical Connection and Topological Connection


Donna Kotsopoulos, Joanna Zambrzycka, Samantha Makosz

Mommies, Mathematics, and Mathematically Mindful Mothering


Luis Radford

Rhythm as an Integral Part of Mathematical Thinking


Marcel Danesi

Math in the Brain: Neuroscientific Perspectives of Mathematical Cognition


Yair Neuman

On Concrete Cats and Abstract Minds: A Note on the Logic of Abstraction and the Construction of Numbers


John Mighton

All Things Being Equal: Using Evidence Based Approaches to Close the Achievement Gap in Math


Dragana Martinovic

Digital Technologies and Mathematical Minds


Robert K. Logan

The Relativity of Information: Shannon’s Mathematical Formula, Figure/Ground and the Importance of Context and Interpretation


Gizem Karaali

Can Zombies Do Math?


Inna Semetsky

Interpreting Peirce’s Abduction through the Lens of Mathematics


Stéphanie Walsh Matthews and Jamin Pelkey

Seeing Mathematics


Mariana Bockarova

The Effect of Teacher Math Anxiety on Teaching Practices: A Case Study


Stacy Costa

Exploring Student “Math Talk” in 21st Century Classrooms


Mariana Bockarova, Stacy Costa, Marcel Danesi

On the Methods of Proof: A Textual Perspective


ISBN 9783862885350 (Hardbound). Interdisciplinary Studies on the Nature in Mathematics 03. 214pp. 2015.

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