TLB 10: Bohuslav Havránek: Contributions to his life and work

Référence: ISBN 9783862884520

Bohuslav Havránek: Contributions to his life and work

Bohumil Vykypěl (ed.)
Academy of Sciences, Brno

Bohuslav Havránek (1893–1978) belonged to the core of the Prague School and after the death of Vilém Mathesius he was even the president of the Prague Linguistic Circle. In spite of this he is almost unknown in the world. With the present volume, the authors wish – in the year of the 120th anniversary of Havránek’s birth – to remind the world linguistics of his existence.

Table of contents


I Life and work of Bohuslav Havránek
Franz Wenzel Mareš: Bohuslav Havránek
Bibliography of Bohuslav Havránek's works published in English, French and German

II Appraisals of Bohuslav Havránek's work
Comments on appraisals of Havránek
André Mazon
Antoine Meillet
Ferdinand Liewehr
Ernst Fraenkel
Eugen Rippl
Boris Unbegaun
Karl Heinrich Meyer
René Wellek
George Y. Shevelov
Friedrich Repp

III On Bohuslav Havránek
Bohumil Vykypěl: Havránekian inspirations
Tat'ána Vykypělová: Some remarks on Havránek's Development of the Standard Czech Language
Martina Šmejkalová: Havránek the didactician

ISBN 9783862884520. Travaux linguistiques de Brno 10. 106pp. 2013.

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