LINGram 157: A Progressive Grammar of the Telugu Language

Référence: ISBN 9783862882052

A.S. Arden

Throughout the book, the great effort of the author has been to lead the student on step by step, giving such information only as is positively required, at the stage at which the student has arrived. The special feature, therefore, of the book is intended to be its progressive character. The endeavour to make the bbook essentially progressive, whilst it greatly accelerates the acquisition of the language, must at the same time be pleaded as an excuse for any peculiarity of arrangement, which may at first sight strike the reader as somewhat complicated.

However, the dialect of Telugu used in ordinary conversation differs so much from that used in grammatically written books like this, that Native speakers of Telugu might be unable read it, as Foreigners used to reading Telugu books might be unable to converse with native speakers (adapted from the Preface).

Contents: I: On the Alphabet and Orthography, Skeleton grammar and Model Sentences. II: On Nouns, Postpositions, Adjectives, Pronouns, Composite Nouns, Conjunctions, Interjections, Verbs (First, Second, Third Conjugation), On Telugu Syntax, On the Telugu equivalent to the Verb “to be”, On Adjective Sentences, Noun Sentences. III: On the Grammatical Dialect Used in Books. (re-edition; written in English. Originally 1905, Madras).

ISBN 9783862882052. LINCOM Gramatica 157. 351pp. 2014.

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