LINGram 156: Modern Irish Grammar

Référence: ISBN 9783862881970

Modern Irish Grammar

J.P. Craig

In the present edition, special care has been devoted to the verbs generally, and more especially to the irregular verbs, which are usually slurred over in most grammars. The numerals, the relative pronouns and infinite forms have received the most careful attention, and, as a whole, the author earnestly hopes that the youth of Ireland will benefit by the result of his labours.

Contents: The Alphabet, Sounds of Vowels and Consonants, Gender and Declension of Nouns, Use of Articles, Syncopacted Words, Family Names, Adjectives, Pronouns, Verbs, the Infinitive, Endearing Expressions, Word Building et alii.

Second revised and enlarged edition. Written in English. Originally published 1904 in Dublin.

ISBN 9783862881970. LINCOM Gramatica 156. 241 pages

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