LINGram 151: A Handbook of the Pedi-Transvaal Suto Language

Référence: ISBN 9783862881819

A Handbook of the Pedi-Transvaal Suto Language

G. Beyer

Pedi is the language of the Bapedi, one of the chief Sotho (Suto) tribes in Transvaal. In contradistinction to the Southern Suto or Suto proper, as spoken in Basutoland, Pedi is called the Northern or Transvaal Suto while spoken and understood with more or less dialectic variations nearly over the whole of the Transvaal, especially the Eastern and Northern parts.

The present little book will try to be a practical guide in this way, not only to Bantu students, but also traders, employers, government officials and natives who wish to understand and like their own tonue better (adapted from the preface).

Contents: Orthography, Accentuation, Intonation, Euphonic Changes, The noun, The Pronoun, The Numerals, The Verb (Present I, II, Imperfect, Historical Aorist, Perfect, Future, Prohibitive, Potential, Negative), Adverbs, Conjunctions (Re-edition; originally published by Morija Sesuto Book Depot, 1920, written in English).

ISBN 9783862881819. LINCOM Gramatica 151. 99pp. 2012.

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