LINClas 19: Elementary Lessons in Historical English Grammar Containing Accidence and Word-Formation

Référence: ISBN 9783862880874

Elementary Lessons in Historical English Grammar Containing Accidence and Word-Formation

Rev. Richard Morris, LL.D.

The present treatise has been drawn up at the urgent request of numerous teachers, who asked for an easier and more elementary work than my “Historical Outlines of English Accidence”, published some two years ago. I have endeavoured to the best of my ability to produce a short historical grammar that might be advantageously used as an introduction to my larger book. I have not, however, made a new book by cutting down and compressing the old one. These “Elementary Lessons” constitute and entirely independent work, with many peculiarities of arrangement that at once distinguish it from “Accidence”. The illustrative examples scattered throughout the present work are for the most part new, very few of them having been quoted elsewhere (adopted from the preface of the first edition 1874).

Contents: Chapter I Relations of English to the languages of Europe and Asia, relations of English to the Teutonic group. Chapter II: History of the English language, foreign elements in English. Chapter III: Early English dialects. Chapter IV (Sounds and letters, classification of consonants, number of elementary sounds in the English alphabet). Chapter V: Permutation of sounds, Grimm’s Law. Chapter VI: Etymology, parts of speech. Chapter VII: Nouns (gender, number, case). Chapter VIII: Adjectives, Chapter IX: Pronouns. Chapter X: The verb. Chapter XI: Adverbs. Chapter XII: Prepositions. Chapter XIII: Conjunctions. Chapter XIV : Interjections. Chapter XV: Derivation and word foramtion, suffixes, composition.

This re-edition has been published as no 19 in the LINCOM Classica series. Written in English. Originally published 1884 in London. Author’s affiliation: Honorary M.A. Oxford, vice-president of the Philological Society, London.

ISBN 9783862880874. LINCOM Classica 19. 272pp. 2011.

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