LINAm 32: Arapaho Dialects

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Arapaho Dialects
A.L. Kroeber
According to the latest authority, Dr. Truman Michelson, the languages of the great Algonkin  family  fall into  four  primary,  substantially co-ordinate, but very unequal groups.  Three of these are Blackfoot, Cheyenne, and Arapaho. The fourth, or Eastern-Central, comprises all the other dialects of the family. The Blackfoot,  Cheyenne,  and  Arapaho  were  buffalo  hunters  in  the  open  plains. The other  tribes  with  scarcely  an  exception  were  timber  people. It is erroneous,  however,  to look  for  an  exact  repetition  of  this  primary cultural  cleavage  in the  linguistic  organization  of  the  family.   The Blackfoot,  Cheyenne,  and Arapaho  tongues  are as distinct  from one another as from the remaining languages.  
This fact had indeed been asserted, in so far as the imperfect evidence permitted  opinion, before Dr.  Michelson 's  exact  comparative  studies,  and  has  long  rendered very improbable, at least as regards the Blackfoot and the Arapaho. the prevailing  assumption,  which  is still largely current, that all the Plains Algonkin tribes are recent offshoots from the main body of the stock in the wooded  region. It cannot  be  emphasized  too  strongly that  wherever these tribes may originally have lived, they were not, for a long time past, close relatives and perhaps not even neighbors of the Cree, Ojibwa, or any other known Algonkin  division. The recent  brilliant  discovery  of  Dr. E.  Sapir  that  the  far-away  Yurok and Wiyot languages on the Pacific Coast of California are Algonkin proves that the history  of  this great assembly of tongues cannot be deduced by any offhand inference from recent habits of life or distribution of the Indian tribes involved. The writer believes that the Arapaho have been separated from the Central and Eastern Algonkin for more than a thousand years (adapted from part 1. Re-edition; originally published 1916 in Berkeley).
Contents: Part 1: Dialects of the Arapaho group. Part 2: Sketch of Arapaho proper. Part 3: Notes on Gros Ventre.
ISBN 9783969391808. LINCOM Americana 32. 74pp. 2023.
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