LSAAL 14: Selected Comparative-Historical Afrasian Linguistic

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Selected Comparative-Historical Afrasian Linguistic

in Memory of Igor M. Diakonoff

M. Lionel Bender, Gabor Takacs & David L. Appleyard (eds.)

This volume contains overviews on Afrasian as a whole and its constituent families plus 23 articles
by internationally known contributors. In order to arrive at a focussed volume of high-quality
papers, the editors chose to restrict the contents to what is arguably Diakonoff's major field among
the many in which he was a world-renowned scholar. Diakonoff was the greatest comparativehistorical
Afrasianist during his long productive career spanning the 20th century. After a photograph of the dedicatee and a brief biography and bibliography of major publications of Diakonoff, written by Gabor Takacs, there follow
the seven overviews and articles as follows (some titles abbreviated):
Afrasian Overview (Bender)
Semitic táwar- 'bull' and its Relatives (Vaclav Blazhek)
Some Afrasian Etymologies (Andrzej Zaborski)
Proto-Afrasian Vowels (Saul Levin)
Berber Overview (D. Appleyard)
Origin of the Berber 'Participle' (Maarten Kossmann)
La Vocalisation du protoberbere (Karl-G. Prasse)
Chadic Overview (Russell G. Schuh)
Third Consonants in Chadic Verbal Roots (Christopher Ehret)
West Chadic Verbal Suffixes (Schuh)
Sibilant Affricates in Chadic (Olga Stolbova)
Arabic D-stem in Chadic? (Herrmann Jungraithmayr)
Cushitic and Omotic Overview (Mauro Tosco)
The Omotic Lexicon (Bender)
Infix Genesis in South Cushitic (Roland Kießling)
Cushitic Adpositions and Semitic (Hans-Jurgen Sasse)
South Cushitic Sibilant Affricates (Takacs)
Carakter der "Zweiradikalen" Verben des Agyptischen (Joachim Friedrich Quack)
Reduplicative Passive in Older Egyptian (Chris H. Reintges)
Semitic Overview (Appleyard)
Ablaut and Aspect in Akkadian and Proto-Semitic (Vit Bubenik)
Ethio-Semitic Negative NonPast (Grover Hudson)
relative Markers in Ancient Ethiopic (Olga Kapeliuk)
Proto-Semitic *yš (Adrian Macelaru)
Cognates to Akkadian Preposition ana in Ethiopia and South Arabia (David Testen)
Surveying Bi-Consonantal Reduplication in Semitic (Peter Unseth).

ISBN 9783895868573. LINCOM Studies in Afroasiatic Linguistics 14. 340pp. 2003.

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