LWM 439: Standard Lithuanian

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Standard Lithuanian

Ian Press
University of St. Andrews

Lithuanian is an Indo-European language and belongs with Latvian to the Baltic branch of those languages. It is a very young standardized language, dating from the turn of the nineteenth-twentieth centuries and made the official language of Lithuania in 1918. Its youth largely accounts for the tendency to support its norms as established. The focus here is on a concise exposition of a number of aspects of the standard language. It is not meant to be comprehensive, but points up important research areas, aims to provide practical help in mastering above all questions of morphology and accent, and complements Mathiassen 1996 and Ambrazas 1997. After a presentation of linguistic and sociolinguistic background information, spelling and phonology are examined, after which the focus is on morphology and syntax, with the role of accent fully borne in mind. A concise but detailed exploration of nouns, adjectives, pronouns, numerals, and verbs is made, in the case of the last in particular characterizing the various moods, aspect and aktionsart, and verbal classification. Adverbs, prepositions, con-junctions, interjections and onomatopoeic words are considered, and word order and particles are examined. A short, up-to-date bibliography is appended.

ISBN 9783895868320. Languages of the World/Materials 439. 65pp. 2005.

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