LW 31: Artificial Descendants of Latin

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Artificial Descendants of Latin

Alan Libert
University of Newcastle

Among the hundreds of artificial languages created in recent centuries are a fair number of modified versions of Latin and languages which have taken many elements from Latin. These diverge in varying degrees and ways from Classical Latin. This book is a survey of such projects. The languages examined include Communia, Latino sine Flexione, Linguum Islianum, SPL and Universal-Latein. An introduction presenting the languages is followed by chapters on phonetics, lexicon, morphology, syntax, and semantics.

CONTENTS: Preface Abbrevations 1 Introduction 1.1 Carpophorophilus’s Language 1.2 Kosmos 1.3 Latino Moderne 1.4 Latino sine Flexione 1.5 Latinulus 1.6 Linguum Islianum 1.7 Mundelingva 1.8 Myrana and Communia 1.9 Nov Latin 1.10 Reform-Latein 1.11 SIMP-LATINA (SPL) 1.12 Universal-Latein 1.13 Uropa 1.14 Weltsprache (Eichhorn) 1.15 Weltsprache (Volk and Fuchs) 2 Phonetics 2.1 Sound Inventories and Orthography 2.2 Suprasegmentals 3 Lexicon 3.0 General Issues 3.1 Forms of Nouns Used 3.2 Words for Modern Concepts 4 Morphology 4.0 General Issues 4.1 Nouns 4.2 Pronouns 4.3 Numerals 4.4 Adjectives 4.5 Adverbs 4.6 Verbs 4.7 Prepositions 4.8 Conjunctions 4.9 Particles and Interjections 5 Syntax 5.1 Word Order 5.2 Binding and the Use of Reflexive Pronouns 5.3 Pro-drop 5.4 Absolute Constructions 6 Semantics 6.1 Ambiguity and Homonymy 6.2 Synonymy 6.3 Idioms 6.4 Generics References.

ISBN 9783895868184. Languages of the World 31. 140pp. 2004.

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