LWM 472: Efutu Grammar

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Efutu Grammar

Samuel Gyasi Obeng
Indiana University

Efutu, also called Awutu-Efutu or Senya is a Kwa language spoken by about 150,000 people in the Awutu, Efutu, and Senya areas of Ghana’s Central Region. "Efutu Grammar" deals broadly with the sound system, tone, and aspects of morphology and syntax of the language. Important aspects of the language that are explicated include verbal reduplication, tense and aspect, as well as the pronominal system and structure. Nouns and noun plurality, noun phrase structure, adjectival and adverbial constructions, complementation, relativization, as well as focus marking are also discussed and exemplified. Other aspects of the language that are subjected to synthesis and analysis are determiners (definite, indefinite, and demonstrative) and quantifiers).

Finally, Efutu ideophones and interjections (primary, secondary, and volitive) are also discussed and exemplified. Given the data oriented nature of Efutu Grammar, both theoretical and descriptive linguists will benefit from it considerably.


1. Introduction
2. The sound system and verbal reduplication
3. The pronominal system of Efutu
4. Determiners
5. Verbal constructions in Efutu
6. Nouns and noun phrases in Efutu
7. Subordinate clauses/complementation
8. Focusing
9. Adjectives ad adjectical phrases
10. Ideophones
11. Questions
12. Relativization
13. Locatives and adverbs
14. Interjections

ISBN 9783895866739. Languages of the World/Materials 472. 122p. 2008.

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