LSSlaL 36: Czech in Formal Grammar

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Czech in Formal Grammar

Mojmír Dočekal & Markéta Ziková
Masaryk University

This book is comprised of papers from the conference Czech in Formal Grammar, whose first meeting was held on February 12-14, 2009, at Masaryk University in Brno. The programme of the conference was constituted on the basis of anonymously reviewed abstracts. It consisted of 23 papers and 3 invited talks focused on topics from phonology (Tobias Scheer), syntax (Ludmila Veselovská and Petr Karlík) and semantics (Hana Filip). 18 papers of those presented at the conference appear in their revised and edited versions in this volume.

Every paper in this book presents an original and vital contribution to Slavic linguistics. The material is mainly Czech but a contrastive background, in which Czech is investigated, consists of many Indo-European languages. The fields of research extend from traditional generative grammar domains such as phonology, syntax and semantics to corpus linguistic studies and acquisition of language by children. But there is a common denominator of all the articles presented in the volume and that is respect for formal methods in linguistics. The book is certainly a valuable addition to the bookshelf of everyone interested in Czech, Slavic languages and linguistics generally.


Zuzanna Bedřichová
Problems and Possibilities of the Annotation of the Interpropositional Discourse Relations in PDT 2.0

Petr Biskup
The Syntactic Structure of PPs

Radek Čech
Testing of the Transitivity Hypothesis: Double Object Verbs and Aspect in Czech

Mojmír Dočekal, Ivona Kučerová
Bound Ability Readings of Imperfective Verbs: A Case for Presupposition

Linda Doleží, Filip Smolík
Direct and Indirect Analysis of Phrasal Comparatives: The Case of Children’s Czech

Joseph Emonds
Czech Gender Realignment: Eliminating Declension Classes and Neuter Gender

Dana Hlaváčková, Klára Osolsobě, Karel Pala, Pavel Šmerk
Relations between Formal and Derivational Morphology in Czech

Andrea Hudousková
Clitic se – Benefit of Being Late

Tomáš Jelínek, Vladimír Petkevič
Automatic Identification of Prepositional and Non-prepositional Cases in Czech

Pavel Kosek
Word Order of the Pronominal Clitics in Non-finite Phrases in the Czech Baroque Language

Jiří Materna Czech
Verbs in FrameNet Semantics

Vladimír Petkevič
Automatic Identification of the 1st and 2nd Person Preterite Active in Contemporary Czech

Tobias Scheer
Representational and Procedural Sandhi Killers: Diagnostics, Distribution, Behaviour

Roman Sukač
Paradigmatic Bridge – Accentual and Quantitative Paradigms of Czech and Slovak Feminine a-stems

Ondřej Šefčík
Preliminary Description of the Czech Phonemic System Using Feature Geometry

Ludmila Veselovská, Petr Karlík
Infinitive Puzzle

Roland Wagner
Situation Control under Reflexivization: A Comparative Study of Certain Verbs in Czech and German

Markéta Ziková
Vowel-zero Alternations in Czech Double Diminutives: From the Havlík Pattern to the Lower Pattern

ISBN 9783895862823 (Hardcover). LINCOM Studies in Slavic Linguistics 36. 256pp. 2009.

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