LSNAL 11: Aspectos Tipológicos da Língua Javaé

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Aspectos Tipológicos da Língua Javaé

Marcus Maia
Museu Nacional, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Quinta da Boa Vista

The Javae dialect of the Karaja language of the Macro-Je stock is analyzed in terms of current typological theories. The objective of this analysis is to provide a more integrated perspective into the grammar of this language and, at the same time, to check the descriptive and explanatory power of typological models.

The first chapter presents a review of the typological literature on word order, discussing the models of Greenberg, Lehman, Vennemann and Hawkins.The second chapter focuses on Javae word order typology and checks several structural patterns and processes of this language against the theories discussed in Chapter 1. Chapter 3 shows the existence in Javae of some characteristic features of the active typology. Finally, the last chapter presents data that indicate the occurrence of an accusative-ergative split in the verb-agreement system of Javae. [written in Portuguese]

ISBN 9783895862373. LINCOM Studies in Native American Linguistics 11. 150pp. 1998.

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