LINAm 16: The Chimariko Indians and Language

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The Chimariko Indians  and Language

Roland B. Dixon

The material upon which the following sketch of the Chimariko language is based, was collected in the summer of 1906 on the New River, and at Willow Creek or China Flat, in Trinity County, California. The bulk of the material was obtained from Mrs. Dyer, probably the last full-blood Chimariko survivor, and from Friday, who, although not of Chimariko decsent, spoke the language fluently (from the introduction).

Contents: Culture, Language (Phonetics, Reduplication, Composition, Pronoun, Noun, Verb, Adjective, Numerals, Conectives, Order fo Words, Texts, Sentences, Vocabulary). (Re-edition; originally published 1910 in Berkeley; written in English)

ISBN 978 3 86290 171 5. LINCOM Americana 16. 92pp. 2011.

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