PNGSL 01: Papua New Guinea Sign Language Dictionary. Vol. I.

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Papua New Guinea Sign Language Dictionary. Vol. I.
Dany Adone
and Melanie A. Brück
University of Cologne
in collaboration with
John-Paul Hemine, Noah Agino, Michael Lulu,
James Knox, and Brent Macpherson
The Pacific Islands region is one of the global hot spots of linguistic diversity. However, Indigenous sign languages have rarely been documented so far. Papua New Guinea Sign Language (PNGSL) is an Indigenous sign language that has not been previously docu-mented. Deaf representatives from all provinces of Papua New Guinea have collaborated to document and further develop this Indigenous sign language, which has also been endorsed by the government as the fourth official language.
This is the first volume of the PNGSL picture dictionary. The signs in this book have been agreed on by the Deaf community as a first standard to be used for Deaf education, teacher training and interpreting services, while acknowledging the value and coexistence of various regional varieties and of PNGSL.
ISBN 9783862901425. Papua New Guinea Sign Language 01. 556pp. 2020.
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