LSPol 05: A Model for African Development: Study of African International Relations

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A Model for African Development: Study of African International Relations
Kholisile David Dhliwayo
There are several books on the market on the Development of Africa and most, if not all that are available examine various aspects of development since the 1960s when African countries regained sovereignty and these books focus on European and North American development experiences as models that can be adopted to achieve African development.
This work is a departure from previous work done in that it focuses on Kemet the first civilisation on planet earth which comprises initiatives of the residents of the Nile Valley as a foundation for African development.  To that extent the book is divided into four chapters.  The first chapter as appropriate is A critical analysis of Development Theories.  The second chapter which is the most important and critical to our analysis of African Development examines The Kemetic Model as a Foundation for African Development.  The third chapter builds on Kemetic ideas to provide the basis for Creating a Model for African Development.  The last chapter, The Politics of African Leadership is a critical analysis of the current leadership as a design to bring out a model leadership for African Development.
What has emerged from this study is that a people’s classical history is important for the reason that it forms a part of the grand continuity of concepts, values, ex-periences, visions and possibilities that are essential in creating a framework for actions to achieve desirable goals. This has provided the premise for working out a model that is relevant and consistent with African realities on the ground.
ISBN 9783862901418. LINCOM Studies in Politics 05. 72pp. 2020.
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