LSASL 88: The Tonal Phonology of Thadou

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The Tonal Phonology of Thadou
Anusree Sreenivasan
Indira Gandhi National Tribal University
The Tonal Phonology of Thadou deals with the phonetics and phonology of tones in Thadou, a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in North-East India. This book looks into the interaction of phonological rules in the lexical and post-lexical components with the gradient processes of phonetic implementation modules in the grammar of a language. It reviews in detail the pitch downtrending facets of the language. The book does not limit its scope to the study of Thadou language, but also looks into a related language Mizo and postulates a model of phonology which ensures that the gradient implementation of certain phenomena in the phonetic component may be severely constrained by the nature of the lexical and post-lexical module of the grammar of a language.
ANUSREE SREENIVASAN is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics at the Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Amarkantak, India. She is specialized in Phonetics and Phonology and has received her doctoral degree from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India.
ISBN 9783862889723. LINCOM Studies in Asian Linguistics 88. 94pp. 2019.
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