LINGram 216: A Grammar of the Russian Language

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A Grammar of the Russian Language
My object has been to give a concise and clear analysis of the word-forms and syntax of the Russian language. In the paradigms of the nouns and verbs I have chiefly followed the arrangement of Miklosich. I have treated the grammatical forms in such  a way as to show their relation to the Old Slavonic, known to us by the monuments of its literature which have been preserved.
I have allowed myself occasional reference to other Indo-European languages for purposes of illustration. Great pains have been taken with the ‘aspects’ of the verbs, perhaps the most interesting feature in the Slavonic forms, and it is hoped that they are made as clear as is possible in a rudimentary work of the present kind.
The prepositions, both in and out of composition, which in Russian - and, indeed, in all the Slavonic languages - exhibit a luxuriance of development, reminding us of ancient Greek, have also been carefully treated.
The accents have formed a laborious part of the work: the Russian do not mark them in their books, and therefore they can only be acquired orally. Not a little curious also is the power which the preposition frequently possesses of attracting to itself the accent of the word which it governs (from the preface). Re-edition. Originally published 1889 in Oxford.
ISBN 9783862888542. LINCOM Gramatica  216. 197pp. 2017.

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