LiSA 18: Sexuality, procreation and Inca ethnobotany

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Sexuality, procreation and Inca ethnobotany

Jan G.R.Elferink

The book contains an overview of the different aspects of sexuality and procreation in the Inca empire, including subjects as fertility, aphrodisiacs, prostitution, diseases, abortion and childbirth. Attention is paid to the attitude of the Incas towards sexual morals, and in this context unwanted sexual behavior is discussed. While virginity was not considered as a virtue, chastity was an absolute requirement for the group of the acllas and mamaconas. The use of plants by the Incas to modulate sexuality and procreation, thus ethnobotany, is a major subject of this book. The use of plants for enhancing or decreasing fertility and sexual lust feelings, to facilitate child birth and for the treatment of diseases, have been discussed. Magic played an important role in Inca life and that also applies to sexuality and procreation. In many instances magic was combined with the application of plants, such as the huacanqui, a kind of amulet in love affairs.

ISBN 9783862885381. LINCOM Studies in Anthropology 18. 174pp. 2014.

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