LINGram 185: Manual of the Nyanja Language

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Alexander Hetherwick

Chi-Nyanja or Chi-Mang’anja is the language of the Nyanja people who live on the banks of the Shiré River and on the eastern and western shores of the Lakes Shirwa and Nyasa. With various local and dialectic peculiarities it is the most widely spoken of the languages of British Central Africa and has practically assumed the place of a lingua franca to the Protectorate of Nyanjaland. The following pages profess to give a gradual introduction to the language on a plan based upon its grammatical structure (adapted from the introduction).

Contents: Preface. Introduction. Part One: The Noun. The Relative Particle. The Class Particle. The Verb. The Locatives. The Adverbials. The Personal Pronoun. The Adjective. Comparison of Adjectives. The Demonstratives. Interrogatives. The Numerals. The Relative. The Verb. The Copula. Enclitic Particles. Some Idiomatic Forms. Part Two: Key to the Exercises. Part Three: Sentences and Phrases in Common Use (General, housework, kitchen, travelling, visiting, store, office, outside work, garden and fields, etc.). Part Four: Chinyanja-English, English-Chinyanja Voc-abulary.

Re-edition. Originally published by 1914, Nyasaland.

ISBN 9783862884803. LINCOM Gramatica 185. 299pp. 2014.

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